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PCBot Series

Professional PCB Drilling & Routing Machines

The PCBot series is the epitome of precision and excellence in PCB manufacturing. Designed for professional drilling and routing applications, these machines offer advanced features and unmatched reliability in demanding fabrication environments.

Unmatched Precision

This series achieves an exceptional accuracy of 10 microns, guaranteeing impeccable accuracy in drilling and conveying operations, with this level of precision, you can rely on the PCBot machines to consistently deliver high-quality PCBs.

Streamlined Workflow

Experience efficient and streamlined PCB drilling and routing operations with the Excellon interface and automated controls of the PCBot series, enhancing productivity and minimizing errors.

Dual Spindle Configurations

Optimize your PCB manufacturing process with the PCBot series, offering both single and dual spindle configurations to suit your production volumes and  providing flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and increased productivity.

Flexible Work Sizes

Work sizes ranging from 300x300 to 500x500, providing the perfect configuration to meet your project requirements, whether it's small-scale prototyping or larger production runs.

Technical Specifications

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