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ProCarver Series

Professional Carving Machine

Delivering exceptional carving capabilities through precision, speed, and versatility, allowing you to bring intricate designs to life, perfect for architectural embellishments, artistic sculptures, and intricate signage.

Exceptional Capabilities

These machines combine precision, speed, and versatility to bring creative designs to life on wood, acrylics, plastics, and foams, perfect for architectural embellishments, sculptures, and intricate signage.

Precision, Speed, and Versatility

Achieve intricate details, smooth curves, and sharp edges, bringing your projects to life with exceptional precision and control.

Creativity Across Industries

From wood carving to signage and architecture, achieve intricate designs, detailed craftsmanship, and captivating visuals, making a lasting impact in your projects.

Flexibility for Diversity

With a range of size options, including 2x3 ft, 3x4 ft, and 4x5 ft, and driving mechanisms such as ball screw and belt, users can enjoy ample workspace to bring their creative visions to life.

ProCarver 55WDM png.png

Technical Specifications

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